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Ancient Limnaia (Amphilochia)

- Ancient city -

Fortification ruins of an ancient Acarnanian city stand on a hill overlooking Amphilochia. The walls enclose the eastern part of the city, on top of the hill, while two parallel legs run down the northern slopes, to reach the city's harbour. The ruins have been identified with ancient Limnaia, though there is no epigraphic evidence to substanciate the identification. The city's strategic location, controlling the roads leading to and from Epirus and Leukas, meant that it was the scene of noumerous incidents during the Peloponesian war, as well as the wars between the Aitolians and Macedonia (in the 3rd cent B.C.). During the Ottoman occupation, Ali Pasha of Ioannina founded a coach station (karavan serai) at the same place, which gradually developed to become modern Amphilochia.

Subject: Αncient cities
Placed: Amfilochia Municipality of Amfilochia Greece
Age: Classical – Hellenistic period
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Monuments of the Site
Fortification of ancient Limnaia

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