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Voudeni (Amygdalia - Liapeika)

- Archaeological site -

Voudeni, ca 7 km northeast of Patra, is one of the most important mycenaean sites in Achaia, possibly the core of prehistoric Patra; perhaps it can be associated with Mesatis, one of the three hamlets which made up ancient Patra.
The site, which covers an area of ca. 18ha., comprises the chamber tomb cemetery, at Liapeika and the settlement on the neighbouring hill named Bortzi.
More than 65 chamber tombs have been excavated so far, dating from the Late Helladic II to the sub-mycenaean period (16th-11th cent. B.C). The architectural details and the wealth of the artefacts found in the tombs (clay vases and figurines, bronze weapons, jewellery, seals etc)indicate the influential - if not dominant - role of the settlement in Voudeni.
Small scale excavation in the settlement has documented the occupation of the site from the Middle helladic to the roman period.

Subject: Cemeteries
Placed: Patra Municipality of Patras Greece
Age: Mycenean period
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Voudeni. Amber beads.
Voudeni. Amphora.
Voudeni. Boar's-tusk helmet.
Voudeni. Bronze arrow heads.
Voudeni. Bronze awl.
Voudeni. Bronze fibula.
Voudeni. Bronze knife.
Voudeni. Bronze knife.
Voudeni. Bronze knife.
Voudeni. Bronze knife.
Voudeni. Bronze needle.
Voudeni. Bronze razor.
Voudeni. Bronze razor.
Voudeni. Bronze ring.
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