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Ancient Agrinion

- Ancient city -

The ruins of an ancient city, scaterred on either side of the Mesolonghi-Agrinio road, as well as scanty remains of its fortification on a hill nortwest of the modern city, have been tentatively identified with ancient Agrinio. The lack of epigraphic evidence, though, has led some researchers to identify the ancient city with the ruins at Paliokastro/Spolaita. The city is refferred to by ancient writers (Diodorus Siceliotes, Polybius) in the 4th and 3rd cent. B.C., when it was flourishing. Two houses have been excavated in the city, as has a 72m. long stoa of its agora, with statue bases in its front.

Subject: Αncient cities
Placed: Agrinio Agrinion Greece
Age: Hellenistic period
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Ancient Agrinio - ground plan of house a
Ancient Agrinio - ground plan of house b
Ancient Agrinio - ground plan of the wall and houses
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Monuments of the Site
Paliopyrgos (old tower) at Agrinio
Fortification of ancient Agrinio
Agora of ancient Agrinio

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