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- Monuments -

From all ages are preserved monuments with unique historical and cultural value. In ancient cities (5th - 2nd century. B.C.), important partial antiquities (ancient theatres, public buildings, temples etc.), are described as representative monuments of culture. These monuments are constituting important pole of attraction of tourists, while the two regions are placed in the axis trafficked in to Olympia and the Delphi. The ancient theatres of region host modern cultural events.
Aigio, Mithraio
Doric Temple at Notena
Patra castle
Roman amphitheatre of Patra
Roman aqueduct of Patra
Roman bridge of Patra
Roman Odeon of Patra
"Bouleuterion" of hellenistic agora of Thermon
Agora of ancient Agrinio
Agora of ancient Palairos
Agora of New Pleuron
Agora of Oiniadai
Agora of Thermon
Ancient Alikyrna fortification
Ancient Palairos water reservoires
Ancient Stratos Agora
Asclepius Sanctuary of ancient Trichonion
Chrisovitsa sanctuary
Dam of ancient Alyzia
East and West Stoa of Hellenistic Agora of Thermon
Fortificaion of ancient Arsinoe
Fortification - Building remains of ancient Trichoneion
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