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Information about the Project

Information about the Project
The project is implemented by the HPCLab (High Performance Information Systems Laboratory) of the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics of the University of Patras in collaboration with the responsible members of the Ministry of Culture, under the framework of Measure 1 "CULTURE" of the Action Line II, "CULTURAL AND TOURIST EVOLUTION - EXPLOITATION OF OLYMPIC GAMES 2004" of the O.P. of Region of Western Greece 2000-2006 (co-funding 75% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and 25% by National Funds).
Project ' scientific responsible
Theodore S. Papatheodorou,
Professor of the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department,
Director of the High Performance Information Systems Laboratory - University of Patras
High Performance Information Systems Laboratory - University of Patras
Kazantzi NancyMSc Computer & Informatics Engineer
Dourdounis VasilisComputer & Informatics Engineer
Karatzas PanagiotisElectrical & Computer Engineer
Vergeti ParaskeviComputer & Informatics Engineer
Dragoumanos StamatisComputer & Informatics Engineer
Stathi EleniUndergraduate Computer & Informatics Engineer
Tsiknas LamprosUndergraduate Computer & Informatics Engineer
Kandili NatasaMSc Computer & Informatics Engineer
Karatzas ManolisMSc Electrical & Computer Engineer
Tsolis DimitrisDr. Electrical & Computer Engineer
Nikolopoulou GeorgiaProgrammer
Ministry of Culture
Kolonas LazarosArcheologist, Honorary General Director of Antiquities
and Cultural Heritage
Stavropoulou - Gatsi MariaArcheologist, Director 36th E.P.C.A.
Petropoulos MichalisArcheologist, Director 39th E.P.C.A.
Saranti EfiArcheologist, Դ E.P.C.A.
Moschos IoannisArcheologist, 6th E.P.C.A.
Kollia ErofiliArcheologist, 6th E.P.C.A.
Alexopoulou GeorgiaArcheologist, 6th E.P.C.A.
Vordos AndreasArcheologist, 6th E.P.C.A.
Gkazis MichalisArcheologist, T.D.P.E.A.E.
Tsantila VasilikiArcheologist, T.D.P.E.A.E.
Christakopoulou GioulikaArcheologist, T.D.P.E.A.E.